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Cognitive training programs developed to fight cerebral aging and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Optimens is an innovative startup and benefit corporation founded by three women, a multidisciplinary team which brings together neuroscience, marketing and data analysis expertise.

Optimens seeks to counteract cognitive decline for a better quality of life of the elderly, by developing services and programs which measure, monitor and test cognitive functionality. Optimens won in 2021 the Acceleration Program Award, an award delivered in partnership with Impact Hub and reserved for Women-led startups.

Olga Puccioni, Monica Belfiore and Dorina Stanculescu – the founders of Optimens – aspire to make scientific research a common good: in the following interview they recount their aha! moment* and give startuppers precious tips on how to validate their idea.

*the aha! moment is also known as the Eureka effect and describes the moment of sudden insight or discovery, the point in which the solution to a problem is suddenly obvious.