Do you have an innovative idea to bolster business in this relaunch phase? Or do you have a social innovation project for your local area or community? You can get started here.


How to

How to

If you believe your project is innovative, useful, financially viable and adjustable, then now is the time to put it into practice: just complete the three steps.


  • register

    on this website: just enter a few details to access your account whenever you want

  • tell us

    about your project, accompanied by a video and marketing plan (also in different stages)

  • send it

    so that the panel can analyse it when you feel you are ready (just remember to stay within the deadlines!)

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To believe in something means that you have the courage to see it through: do you want to be a part of the future of Italian business and social initiatives?

Why get

  • Satisfaction

    in having your project analysed by a panel of experts: this should always be the first step in everything we do

  • Prize

    of €110 thousand for three deserving projects: an incentive to make your innovative idea happen

  • Visibility

    thanks to the communications campaigns and the three special mentions awarded by the panel

  • Mentoring

    by leading companies to get your start-up off on the right foot or when undertaking a new career path

  • Equity Crowdfunding

    A selected start-up will be able to use the Mamacrowd equity crowdfunding platform for its project

  • Put yourself out there!

    create a detailed project ready for presentation to potential investors: a good idea also needs to be well presented!

Go. Beyond.

When should
you do it?

When should
you do it?
open on

6th july 2020
closes on

31th october 2020
of finalists

by mid november 2020
of winners

by the end of november 2020


How are the intellectual property and confidential information protected?

Once an idea is published on the platform, Sisal, its group companies and/or partners are not liable for its use and/or misuse and/or its development by any party that becomes aware of the idea by using the platform. Conversely, the information and material uploaded into your account and accessible by the assessment commission and parties managing the call for ideas is kept strictly confidential. It cannot be used for reasons other than those related to the call for ideas.
Clause Art. 3 – Phase 1
This clause provides for Sisal’s right to use the creative and presentation materials (but not the idea) uploaded onto the public section of the website to prepare videos or presentations to be used as part of the company's institutional activities. Therefore, this clause does not give Sisal the right to use the ideas but only to use free of charge the creative materials uploaded onto the system (videos and descriptions).

Who can participate in the contest?

Candidates must have an innovative idea and the drive to follow through and turn it into a business. They do not necessarily have to already have their own companies.

Candidates must be over 18, students or otherwise, who reside in Italy (for teams of people) and companies (eligible as set out in the call for ideas requirements) with registered and head offices in Italy.

Foreign students not resident in Italy may only participate if they are enrolled in an officially recognised Italian university degree course.

Please consult the call for ideas documentation for more details about candidate requirements.

Can the same person participate in more than one project in different teams?

No. People can only participate in one project (this is applicable both for teams of people and companies).

Can a university department be a candidate?

No, university bodies cannot participate in the call for ideas but groups of students forming a project team can.

Can an existing project be presented?

Yes but only when it has undergone modification compared to how it was initially envisaged which makes the product or service presented "innovative" (more functions, greater geographical coverage, wider target base, etc).

Can the project also be presented at other contests?

Yes, projects may also be concurrently presented to other contests or calls for ideas. However, if the project wins, it can only receive funding for the part not already funded by the other contests or calls for ideas. Candidates should specify whether they have presented their projects elsewhere when applying to this call for ideas.

How do I register for this contest?

To participate in the contest, fill in the registration form under the “Registration” section of the website and upload the required materials within the set deadline for each phase of the contest. Please consult the call for ideas for more information.

Can team members be replaced during the screening process?

Team members can be replaced up until 31 October 2020, except for the team leader.

What are the contest's main phases?

Phase 1: Publication of the idea and sending of the marketing plan
Candidates can present their ideas on this website from 6 July 2020 to 31 October 2020. The related presentation materials are checked for completeness and accuracy.
Phase 2: Completion of the screening process

The registration phase ends on 31 October 2020. All the published ideas, eligible for the screening process, shall be accompanied by a marketing plan uploaded onto the "Profile" section of the website no later than 31 October. The judges will review the marketing plans in November.
Phase 3: Selection of the finalists and announcement of the winner
Six finalists will be selected in the first half of November (three for each category). The winners will be announced before the end of the month (one overall winner, one for each category, three special mentions and one project to be included in the Mamacrowd equity crowdfunding platform).

What do you win?

Il vincitore assoluto tra tutte le idee in gara riceverà un premio pari a 50.000 Euro (al netto delle ritenute e delle imposte di legge). I vincitori delle due categorie riceveranno

The overall winner receives a prize of €50,000 (net of legal withholdings and taxes). The two category winners receive €30,000 each (net of legal withholdings and taxes).

The three winners will also have the option of being mentored in their projects by the Enabling Partners from the prize date to 30 June 2020  as per the terms of the call for ideas.

The panel will also nominate three projects for the special mention awards (best university project, best marketing plan and best video) that can be viewed on the company's communication channels.

The Mamacrowd equity crowdfunding platform will also select a project to be included on its platform to raise the funds necessary to carry it out. un premio da 30.000 Euro ciascuno (al netto delle ritenute e delle imposte di legge). 

Per tutti e tre i vincitori ci sarà la possibilità di usufruire a partire dal giorno dell’assegnazione fino al 30 giugno 2020 del supporto degli Enabling Partner del progetto al fine di facilitare l’execution del progetto secondo quanto previsto dal bando. 

Inoltre, la Giuria provvederà a nominare per la Menzione Speciale (Miglior progetto universitario, Miglior Marketing Plan, Miglior video) tre progetti, che godranno di visibilità sui nostri canali di comunicazione. 

Infine, la piattaforma di equity crowdfunding Mamacrowd selezionerà un progetto da inserire sulla propria piattaforma per il reperimento dei fondi di realizzazione. 

What are the assessment criteria?

The judges (partner  committee and the panel) will evaluate the ideas using five criteria to assign a total score to each project, after checking its eligibility to participate in the contest.

What projects are not eligible?

Projects that include incorrect information, are incomplete, are not compliant with the terms of the call for ideas, that are not received within the deadline and/or do not comply with the regulations will not be considered.

What happens if the winning team withdraws from the contest?

Should the winning team withdraw from the contest, the team in second place wins.

How do you find the right category for your business project?

Ideas targeted at the B2B market fall into the Resilient Business category while those aimed at the B2C market are included in the Community category. Candidates should select their category considering the stage of development of the existing start-up.