GoBeyond is the initiative by Sisal created to support responsible innovation and ideas capable of tackling social, economic, and environmental challenges.

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We aim to support and encourage the best ideas, transforming them into innovative entrepreneurial projects that create long-term value for everyone.

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A free digital platform to enhance skills and provide learning tools for future entrepreneurs.

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A community that inspires and connects GoBeyond stakeholders, promoting open innovation and collaboration among all those who want to transform the world we live in.


For us, innovating doesn't mean inventing new ways to do things we already do. It means finding answers to people's needs, improving community life, protecting the places where we live.

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The quality of the projects realized with our support is measured not only in numbers but also in the constant commitment and growth of our community.

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To realize successful projects, support and collaboration are needed. That's why we have built a network that will support your work with the necessary skills to shape your idea.


There are people who dedicate their lives to solving a problem and work to improve the world they live in: they are the GoBeyonders. We want to bring them together, connect them, spread their ideas, and increase the impact of their actions.