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Every good idea needs teamwork

What is the best way to successfully translate an idea into reality? You need a sound project and a strong team of like-minded people, each bringing their own expertise. This is what we have done: we have created our GoBeyond team.

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La prima piattaforma legal tech italiana che difende gli utenti dalla cattiveria del web in modo rapido e semplice.

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Un dispositivo in grado di rilevare la presenza di una malattia attraverso l’analisi della voce in modo rapido e accurato.

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Smart Assistant for BREast ScreENing: a system that permits women to take an ultrasound breast screening trough a probe connected to their smartphones.


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The first platform that allows its users to make charitable donations by simply playing a video game and without having to actually put their hands in their pockets


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A medical device to treat children’s burns in those countries where fire is still used


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A hand that can automatically adapt to the object being handled: a unique device


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