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Learn to go further


We want to go beyond traditional training, promoting up-to-date and dynamic knowledge, capable of intercepting the trends that are transforming the world.
This is why we have created, in collaboration with Feltrinelli Education, the GoBeyond Academy: a digital platform for the development of the entrepreneurial skills of the future.

GoBeyond academy 2022

Transform what you know

Since March 2022, our Academy has been online: a digital platform offering courses and lessons with the aim of increasing entrepreneurial skills, stimulating visions and ideas about the future and comparing aspiring entrepreneurs with successful experiences. The Academy especially encourages the development of sustainable and socially oriented projects that have a concrete impact.

To transform what you do

The training course is completely free and is divided into three main categories: entrepreneurial culture, how to write a business plan, impact forecasting and analysis. This way, each participant can focus on the content that best meets their specific needs.

By letting yourself be inspired by teachers of excellence

The teachers of the GoBeyond Academy, among the top experts on the topics covered in the training course, come from the academic, innovation and business world. Each of them has stories, skills, experiences to share with the GoBeyonders community, startuppers, innovation enthusiasts, and all those who have ideas to go further and want to go far.

Enroll in courses

A training course in eleven lessons: from idea to development, up to impact assessment


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