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January 31, 2023

How do you finance a startup?

The survival of a company, whether large or small, is determined by an essential element: liquidity. When we talk about liquidity, the issue is even more vital for startups, as it is essential for the development of the project to be able to find funding.


How to start a business without capital

Innovative startups have several options for finding lenders and budgets to grow and establish themselves.

  • Bootstrapping: it is certainly the simplest, in fact it consists in the founders investing their own capital.
  • Crowdfunding: this is the raising of funds through fundraising campaigns, generally carried out online on equity crowdfunding platforms, i.e. platforms supervised by Consob which facilitate the collection of venture capital by innovative start-ups.
  • Business Angels: these are natural persons, who sometimes come together in groups of business angels, and who have capital to invest in startups whose idea or strategy they espouse.
  • Venture capital: it is a form of financing that is generally accessed when the life cycle of the startup is already quite advanced. Venture Capitals are companies that invest in high-risk projects in exchange for part of the management of the startup.
  • Startup incubator: these are organizations whose purpose is to support nascent or developing startups through training and consultancy services.
  • Startup accelerator: these are companies that support the development of startups through programs that last 6/12 months and which aim to resolve the critical issues affecting startups in the first months of their life.
  • Bank loans: loans provided by banks through government guarantee funds, but which are quite complex to obtain.
  • Public funding: institutions, usually the Regions, provide grants or subsidized non-repayable loans for startups.
  • Private funding: startups have the opportunity to give visibility and make their project known, as well as receive funding, by participating in contests and calls for ideas launched by private companies. An example is the call for ideas of GoBeyond.

Virtuous examples of ideas that have found their place


Talk to me, I'll tell you how you are. A device that detects the presence of a respiratory disease by analyzing the voice quickly and accurately

What is VoiceMed? It is a platform that helps patients with chronic respiratory diseases monitor their health, facilitating the exchange of information with doctors remotely, through an app or applications integrated on other platforms. The operation is all based on machine learning and on a proprietary technology that analyzes the characteristics of the voice and vocal biomarkers.

VoiceMed, the startup winner of the title of best project in the Resilient Business category of the fourth edition of the GoBeyond call for ideas.

VoiceMed was launched in 2020 and to date has raised 675 thousand euros in investments. There are only three main hospital partners at the moment, but the goal is to expand and spread this new technology more and more.

Are you ready to start with your idea too? We support you by showing you the 6 steps necessary to start a startup.

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