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July 10, 2020

How the cloud can fast-track start-ups

Il vantaggio è tutto in una tecnologia scalabile che permette di potenziare la resa durante particolari picchi, senza i legami di un’infrastruttura fisica

One of the advantages of cloud technology is that it allows companies to “adapt” their IT systems to deal with peaks. This is true for all sizes of companies, but especially for small ones and start-ups that require even greater scalability, which goes hand-in-hand with a focus on costs.

Liberare le idee dal peso delle infrastrutture

The cloud technology has freed start-ups from the need for on-site solutions, which by themselves would make it difficult for them to reach a large audience in their pursuit of success. Would brilliant ideas and revolutionary applications have withstood the “weight” of physical infrastructure during the start-ups’ launch and trial phases? The various processes of a start-up project, from logistics to marketing, have to be created from scratch and this requires investments, which a young company simply does not have.

Would brilliant ideas and revolutionary applications have withstood the “weight” of physical infrastructure during the launch and trial phases?

Cloud solutions can fast-track a business when they allow an IT department to adapt technological infrastructure to the company’s growth, without sector limits: this can be IoT or virtual reality, on-line training or working from home. The path is clear for start-ups, SMEs or companies: it all depends on the IT resources available and, thus, the complexity of the project for which the cloud service will be used.

Versatilità e maggiori performance

Just think of the benefits of being able to handle heavy internet use (which generate traffic jams) at certain times of the year or due to external events (take what happened to the VPNs during lockdown for example): working from a cloud gives you versatility and a greater computing capacity than that offered by a physical machine as it can be scaled up at times of heavy traffic, offering greater cost savings.

And there is more: the cost savings are flanked by the better performance of websites and apps, faster page uploads and no more overloaded databases.  These benefits improve the end user experience and foster loyalty, especially when the average time spent on a portal and for online purchases is drastically reduced, making navigation that meets various requirements and a focus on speed increasingly important.

Azzeramento dei training

If the transition from the physical server to the cloud is immediate in IT terms, the platform’s user-friendliness is also worth mentioning: training courses on how to use a solution are basically unnecessary as the solutions are designed to be user friendly. Cloud technologies can resolve most teething problems of start-ups, from the lack of funds to the physical location of the human resources, or the team’s instability (which it may increase or decrease without much warning) and the need to adjust the size and power of the structures used.

Cloud technologies can resolve most of the teething problems of a start-up, offering each company dynamic flexible infrastructures

As mentioned, it is not just young businesses that want to take advantage of a dynamic and flexible infrastructure but any company, perhaps in response to sudden business changes which traditional “disconnected” solutions are unable to handle, with the risk of holding back operations and growth in challenging and increasingly competitive markets.

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