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July 30, 2020

Why cloud backups are such a great help to start-ups

Sicura, versatile ed economica: la tecnologia di backup sulla nuvola è ciò che serve ai progetti che aspettano solo di spiccare il volo

Data loss can take place at any time and at any level. It may be caused by internal or external factors, a manual delete or a power outage of a physical server that switches off the machine, all of which can cause serious damage. This may be because the customer’s data hasn’t yet been synced with the other devices (e.g., purchase orders), documents being prepared for a call for tenders may not have been saved. Evaluation of a best-in-class backup solution is not an option but should be a “given”, especially when the company is a young, start-up operation. And a cloud backup is the solution: data backed up from anywhere, safely.

Evaluation of a best-in-class backup solution is not an option but should be a “given”. Cloud backup means data can be backed up from anywhere, safely.

Today, companies can purchase server space in clouds of specialised providers, so that their backup is simply just another one of their production flows rather than an issue to be resolved. Cloud storage can be scalable and, therefore, its cost can be kept under control which is essential for a start-up. The storage space can be increased as the start-up grows. There are a vast number of platforms used for business cloud backups.
This means that should your data become compromised, you have access to a copy of it and can ensure business continuity while safeguarding yourself from the crisis that would be triggered should you have lost your data.

Il cloud per aumentare la produttività e ridurre i costi operativi

The decision to use cloud-based services for most companies, and especially start-ups, means greater productivity and smaller operating costs. Cloud backups provide flexibility and allow employees to access data and files remotely from different devices. This simplification in doing business makes working with employees and consultants more efficient, particularly in this period where working from home has become normal.

An immediate view of all the company’s information and updated analyses allows the start-up’s founders, consultants and employees to streamline decision-making and identify potential problems promptly in order to develop solutions faster. As the Aruba Cloud Backup shows, the cloud backup services are very cost effective, including for start-ups and small businesses, as they can rely on a partner to automatically back-up their key data without having to worry about it.

Cloud backup services are now very cost-effective and allow businesses to manage and store their backups in compliance with their disaster recovery plans

The Aruba Cloud Backup service allows the creation and set up of automated backups, an ideal solution for the fully-secure management and storage of backups to comply with a business’ disaster recovery plan. Backups can be scheduled to run once an hour, once a day or once a week (or at other times) and they are stored at Aruba’s data centres, with protected access. Cloud or physical backups can be created and managed for your servers, including by other providers.

In our fast-paced world, the backup of production, customer machines and endpoint servers facilitates a reduction in production stoppages due to attacks or damage to hardware. Aruba allows you to improve your business continuity and disaster recovery plans, the pillars shoring up a smart business operation. You can chose from private cloud, public cloud, cloud backup and cloud object storage services, which provide even greater guarantee when they are certified as CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider of Europe) compliant and identified by a guarantee mark that allows customers and citizens to store and process their data within the European Economic Area applying standardised European-wide rules.

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