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Adam’s Hand

La prima mano bionica al mondo completamente adattiva, in grado di adattarsi automaticamente all’oggetto afferrato

Una mano per cambiare una vita

BionIT Labs’ Adam’s Hand project was conceived to provide an effective solution to upper limb amputees who need a robust, affordable and easy-to-use prosthesis. It is fully adaptable and has a highly innovative technological content that has been patented in Italy as well as other countries. Winner of the 2019 GoBeyond contest as presented by its creators.

“BionIT Labs, the start-up that designed the device, took part in and has won various prizes for its technological content: Adam’s Hand, the winning idea of the 2019 GoBeyond contest, allows the prosthesis to automatically adapt to the size and shape of the object being handled thanks to its innovative mechanism. It is easy to use, robust and high tech. It has an Italian patent which is also valid abroad, especially in the EU, USA, China and India.

Winning the 2019 GoBeyond contest has allowed us to build up our network of advisors, who are the contest partners, and especially to fund the design of the final version of Adam’s Hand, which is being certified at the moment and which we plan to launch on the market next autumn.”

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