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July 20, 2022


Gaming as a conduit for social responsibility: the first platform that allows its users to make charitable donations by simply playing a video game and without having to actually put their hands in their pockets

An under-30s team for an advergame aggregator

The video games market continues to grow despite the economic crisis but can online gaming based on pure fun be harnessed for something better and more useful? This was the question that provided the spark for the start-up Gamindo, which won Mammacrowd’s special award in the fourth edition of GoBeyond, which will see Mammacrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform, assist Gamindo with a funding campaign on its portal www.mamacrowd.com. Gamindo also took home Sisal’s GoBeyond award at DigithON, the biggest Italian digital marathon which took place in October 2020.

The idea was the brainchild of the start-up’s founder, Nicolò Santin who, partnered with Matteo Albrizio and a team of under-30 year olds, built a platform where gamers can play video games and concurrently make a donation.

Gamindo is an aggregator of advergames, a grouping of branded video games that promote companies using an app that can be downloaded free from Google Play or App Store. Those companies that want to partner with the platform commission an advergame and establish an envelope to be donated to an association. The amount is divided up into gems, which are the prizes that each player receives at the end of the game depending on how many points they have earned. On reaching a set amount, each user can choose to donate their gems to a charity.

The Gamindo app has more than a ten games each sponsored by a different company: puzzles, quizzes, memory games and even multi-player games and there are several non-profit organisations to which the gems can be donated such as the Ospedale dei Bambini Buzzi in Milan, Emergency, WWF, Save the Children and the Fund for the music and entertainment sector for artists in difficulties due to Covid-19.

Gamindo is therefore a platform where everyone is a winner: the players have fun and donate without spending their own money and the companies can self-promote in an innovative manner with a positive social impact. The non-profit organisations also receive funds at no cost while raising awareness about their work.

“Why not donate if you can do it for free and while you are having fun? 2.7 billion people play video games around the world and this figure is expected to top 3 billion in 2023” says Gamindo’s founder, Nicolò Santin. “The pandemic has accelerated the use of this form of entertainment by increasing numbers of people, who want some downtime and to have fun in an enjoyable virtual experience. Gamindo’s vision is to enable these people to convert their gaming time into donations to non-profit organisations. Basically, to let people donate at no cost to themselves while they have fun”.

“The idea was conceived in a 700-page university dissertation, validated with leading local companies and the start-up was subsequently accelerated by Plug and Play in the Silicon Valley. Gamindo has also won the National ICT Innovation Award and received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission. Our next steps are to carry out a seed round and expand our platform beyond Italy”, explains Santin, who has a clear sense of the importance of sustainability in today’s world. “Today, the issue of sustainability is central to our society, especially among young people. We are also seeing exponential growth in the gaming for fun market with games like Fortnite and Candy Crush and more than 2.3 billion video players worldwide. This is why I have created Gamindo. From just a hobby for many people until recently, playing video games can now have a positive impact on society and the video games-donations combo is a natural match”.

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