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Una soluzione tecnologica disruptive che trasforma l’approccio della manutenzione delle tubature in Italia, riducendo il 70% dei costi non pianificati e aumentando del 20% la vita media delle condotte.

PipeIn was born from a statistic: in Italy, 40% of drinking water is wasted due to poor maintenance of the pipes. The correct maintenance of pipes is a challenge common to many sectors: from aqueducts to penstocks, from oil pipelines to pipes that transport fuel and hydrogen; for this reason, PipeIn is building a technology that allows you to move from the current preventive approach of pipeline maintenance to a more effective predictive method. PipeIn’s solution is integrated with a hardware – a probe that is inserted inside the pipes and performs autonomous inspections – and a software that is based on a predictive model. This new approach allows for a 70% reduction in unexpected costs and an increase in pipe lifetime by 20%. The PipeIn team considers four main application sectors: Oil&Gas distribution networks, aqueducts, hydrogen, and penstocks in hydroelectric plants.

PipeIn is the winner of the sixth edition of GoBeyond’s Call for Ideas. This startup stood out for its social impact and responsible innovation, thus winning the free equity grant of 50,000 euros and an advisory program with one of our partners.

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