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Mangime sostenibile sviluppato per l’acquacoltura e per ridurre la sovrapesca, contrastando l’uso massiccio della farina di pesce nell’itticoltura.

In the past 30 years the global fish consumption has doubled leading to a significant depletion of marine biodiversity. However, most of the fish catch is not used for human consumption, rather transformed in fishmeal for aquaculture. Ittinsect found a solution to overfishing, which granted them the winners place in the category “For a more sustainable future” of GoBeyond 2021.

Ittinsect develops and produces sustainable fish feed for aquaculture by combining the protein-rich aspect of fishmeal with circular economy: the product is based on insects, which feed on agricultural waste thus enriching their nutritional value.

Find out more on how the idea came to life in the following interview to the founders Alessandro Romano and Andrea d’Adazzio, respectively CEO and CTO of Ittinsect.

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