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Parlami, ti dirò come stai. Un dispositivo in grado di rilevare la presenza di una malattia attraverso l’analisi della voce in modo rapido e accurato.

Tecnologia e salute: un legame sempre più stretto

In 2020 more than 90% of europeans sought solutions for digital health accessible from home. Between innovative technologies developed in health care there is VoiceMed, the startup winner for the best project of Resilient Business category of the fourth GoBeyond edition.

It is a system that aims to simplify the healthcare accessibility with a disease screening, a platform that identifies pathologies in their initial stage and monitors the state of health trough voice analysis. In particular, the automatized call is able to detect signs of a disease  thanks to the link with a file of comparative model of machine learning.

The sound analysis with the artificial intelligence and deep learning, VoiceMed detects the subtle signals in the sounds produced by the vocal apparatus, called vocal biomarkers. Their application is useful in diagnosis, in screening and monitoring of diseases, in particular way in those regarding the brain and the nervous system, the respiratory system and mental disorder. In the case of respiratory disease, in addition to speech, also breathing and coughting coul give important informations on your health.

Although, the system use a biobank where real datas, data clinically convalidate and crowdsourcing which permit to control the quality of the file, are collected. The machine learning model was created by an highly qualified team, machine learning scientists, engineers researchers and developers.

The VoiceMed goal is to offer a user-friendly solution, not digital, using the technology present on any mobile phone, not only smartphone. This coul guarantee maximum comfort to the user and also low cost and high accessibility. The software is actually starting clinical sperimentations for the validation as medical device.

The first product develop by the sturtup is a Covid-19 screening: a solution based on an artificial intelligence (AI) able to detect the presence of Coronavirus, also asymptomatic patients, thanks to to the analysis of specific vocal biomarkets by recordable sound samples from any device connected to Internet and equipped with mocrophone, loke smartphone, table, computer, ecc.

«We brought this idea to the 2020 GoBeyond edition in the prototyping phase of our solution, we wouldn’t have expected to go all the way and win! -says Arianna Arienzo, founder & CEO of VoiceMed- This recognition has strenghtened even more the work team that has understood that our idea, while highly innovative, can be perceive in its entirety and its added value is correctly received on large scale. So GoBeyond has made us understand that we are on the right path!»

«We believe that startups, having a more agile structure and being composed of multidisciplinary teams often coming from the field of research, are able to identify specific unresolved needs and propose and implement innovative solutions, to experiment with them to produce functioning prototypes that provide useful tools to support, never replace, the work of helthcare personnel in patient care -continues Arienzo- GoBeyond’s support in this first phase is essential for us to be able to give solidity to our solution and be able to propose into the market in the shortest time possible, thus helping to trigger a process that will lead Italy to benefit from the application of innovative technological solutions in the field of health and personal care».

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